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Meeting Your Commercial Landscaping Needs

Meeting ALL YOUR  Landscaping Needs



Meeting Your Commercial Landscaping Needs







We provide comprehensive installation, renovation and maintenance services to all types of properties from homes, apartments, stratas, BC housing, commercial properties, hotels, malls, retail centers, cemeteries, municipal or government sites, and institutions. Our service is delivered through a personal attention to detail.

We are fully covered by WCB and carry $3,000,000.00 liability insurance, and would be happy to provide references if necessary, feel free to contact us or visit our ad in the Better Business bureau guide.

We strive to meet and exceed any expectations, and raise the standard of landscaping and customer service in our region.

Go Green initiative

We at Get Growing are passionate about reducing our ecological footprint. We implement environmentally friendly practices which include:

•  Reducing oil and fuel consumption by operating the newest and most efficient vehicles and equipment

•  Reducing emissions by operating alternative vehicles such as diesel and propane

•  Using eco-friendly products and materials

•  Compost and recycling of materials

Integrated Pest management program

In recent years municipalities throughout the lower mainland have banned and heavily restricted both pesticides and herbicides due to their potential harmful nature to both people and the environment. With this, we have implemented an integrated Pest management program which includes pro-active steps in dealing with rodents, weeds and insect problems.


We take the pro-active approach rather than re-active. By constantly looking ahead for ways to improve operations, we avoid costly mistakes and down time. Having top of the line equipment and impeccable maintenance standards, keeps stress levels down and productivity constantly evolving. We at Get Growing are essentially, "A family". By listening to the ideas and thoughts of our staff we are constantly improving staff benefits and incentive programs, keeping morale high and productivity growing.

Consistent training programs and workshops keep our staff at a constant level of personal growth, preparing each division with room for advancement within the company.

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