How to Choose the Right Landscaping Company

Choosing a landscaping company can be a difficult decision. The cost may seem prohibitive when yard work is something you believe you can do yourself. However, with limited time and energy and pressing responsibilities elsewhere, it might be difficult to realize the dream of a well-designed, well-organized outdoor space. Using landscaping services, you can still ensure that your creativity and inventiveness is expressed through your yard. But with so many landscaping companies to choose from, how do you pick the right one?

Determine the landscape services you need

Before you hire a landscaping company, you must first determine the landscape services you need. Are you looking for a one-time service that will help you transform your yard, or would you like to have regular maintenance? It is also helpful to have a general idea of what your finished yard should look like and the kind of grass, plants or shrubs you would like to have installed.

Set a budget

The right landscaper will be one that can complete the work you desire within your budget. So, be upfront about the budget you have set aside for the project from your initial contact with a landscaping company. The landscaping company will then tell you what design or service options they can provide within that price range.

Do your research

You can save a lot of time and hassle by researching companies online. Peruse company websites and customer review sites to get an idea of the landscaping services offered by companies you are interested in approaching. Companies that have been in business for a while, have experience in various projects and can provide several positive customer references are usually worth a consultation.

Talk to your neighbours

If you admire your neighbours’ landscape design, ask them to refer you to the landscaping company they used. This might be especially helpful if you are searching for niche landscape services that only a few companies might specialize in; such as fountain installation or tropical and difficult-to-source plants and shrubs.

Be open to new ideas and suggestions

A reputable landscaping company will go with your vision for your yard; however, from their wealth of experience, they may also be able to offer pointers or suggest other landscaping services that will make your yard look its best. They should also have a detailed portfolio, filled with examples of past work that might interest you. So, be sure to ask for pictures and/or sketches during your consultation.

Insist on a contract

After you have found the landscaping company you think is right for you, have them draft a contract that clearly outlines the landscaping services they will provide, a proposed timeline, budget and the expected results. A contract will help prevent confusion and should make provisions for contingencies, such as a budget overrun or an extension of the timeline.

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