Landscape Maintenance To Get Your Yard Ready For Winter

It’s the middle of autumn and before you know it, winter will be here. If you are concerned about how your outdoor space will withstand the harsh cold, we have just what you need—landscape maintenance tips for getting your yard ready for winter.

Mow when necessary

During the fall, it is recommended that you mow your lawn every 10 to 14 days. As it gets closer to winter, switch your lawnmower’s blade to the lowest setting. For the cold months, you should keep your grass about 0.75 inches in length. Keeping your grass little lower will help the grass to protect itself and limit fungus growth when the snow comes.

Rake the leaves

If you do not continuously rake fallen leaves during fall, they will create a thick layer covering your grass. This layer of leaves will become especially difficult to remove when the leaves get wet from rain or night dew. When this happens, the grass will not get the sunlight it needs to stay healthy and the dampness will encourage the growth of fungus.

Fertilize your lawn

If you want your lawn to be lush and green when spring comes, fertilize for future growth. While you should have started fertilizing from the end of summer, it is not too late to start now. Ensure you start before the start of winter. When selecting a fertilizer for your lawn, it’s good to go with one that is organic and free of phosphates.

Irrigate less

The colder it gets, the less you will need to irrigate your lawn. For the rest of fall, cut down on how often you irrigate if you must irrigate at all. Be sure to stop irrigating when winter comes. If you continue to irrigate through winter, you may find that the irrigation water forms ice in your grass.

Clear out your annuals

Your annuals will not survive the winter, so once they are done blooming clear them out of your garden bed. That way, your yard will not be filled with dead plants over the winter. This will also leave you with less clean up work to do when spring arrives.

Do not plow the snow

Believe it or not, snow acts as a form of insulation for your lawn protecting it from the crisp winter breeze. So, when winter comes and brings the snow, leave it on your grass. If you plow it, you may end up with patches in your lawn that will not grow as well as the rest of your yard in the spring.

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